Four Seasons of Love

December 2015 - October 2016


This is a love story between a couple told through photographs where the love bond ends by the Fall season.

The photographs were taken in each season.

Frozen Emotions (Winter), Natural Chemistry (Spring), Genuine Vibes (Summer) and One Falls, One Leaves (Fall)

Frozen Emotions

Natural Chemistry

Genuine Vibes

One, Falls, One Leaves

One Eye Love

One Eye Love focuses on the strength of one who battles but yet has ways to overcome the thoughts of what society portrays them to be.

One you for who you are!

A Photographer's Mood Board 2020


A Photographer's Mood Board is an inspiring photography series created by Kyaunna Hall of K Fresh Photography. The mood board itself was inspired and designed to express the thoughts and feelings the photographer Kyaunna faced during CoVid-19. All photographs were taken by Kyaunna. Kyaunna is pictured in self-portraits using the mood board as the backdrop as a extension of the photography project.