Hi, My name is Kyaunna!

Kyaunna Hall is a self-taught freelance photographer from Boston, Massachusetts. Recently, Kyaunna moved to Houston, Texas. She has been passionate for photography during her pre-teen years. She would use her allowance to purchase disposable cameras to capture nature and close friends. In 2009, she founded K Fresh Photography. K Fresh Photography provides photography service by capturing memories for private events such as weddings, birthday parties to public events like nightclubs events and fashion shows. K Fresh Photography also provides photography service in portraits for families and headshots for models, artists and more. Kyaunna built her clientele as she started off not only by shooting landscape photography, but also nightlife events, fashion shows and on the spot portraits. Kyaunna showcases many of her landscape photos along with some of her other photography at different arts and crafts events, art galleries and networking events. K Fresh Photography continues to expand in hopes to have photos featured in more magazines, books, local stores, restaurants and billboards.