A Photographer's Mood Board

A Photographer's Mood Board is an inspiring photography series created by Kyaunna Hall of K Fresh Photography. The mood board itself was inspired and designed to express the thoughts and feelings the photographer Kyaunna is faced during CoVid-19. All photographs were taken by Kyaunna. 

This particular presentation was for a virtual event, Artz Online powered by Artz Underground of Boston, Ma. Eva (IG-@lyricsbyeva), is a singer from Boston, Ma curated the event on Zoom bringing all artists from singers to visual artists on this one platform to showcase their art. 

Kyaunna is pictured in self-portraits using the mood board as the backdrop as a extension of the photography project. A couple of the self-portraits is in the presentation. You can find the rest of the self-portraits on Kyaunna's social media and website. There you will see the different emotions/moods Kyaunna shares from her pandemic experience in each self-portrait.

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